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Kome was born and raised in Church of God Mission, Nigeria, where she quickly developed her gift in Music. She owes her Music inspiration to the Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa who was a lover of True Worship.

Kome is a Unique Gospel Artist and a Spiritually gifted Inspirational Song Writer with over 25 years of leading Praise and Worship in various church settings both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. She worships at Winners Chapel, Dartford England.

Kome, is an Anointed Worshipper with a powerful vocal. Her depth and intimacy with God can be seen and felt when she leads worship, ushering people into the presence of God, which countless have come to embrace well.

Kome has released amongst other songs, A Christmas single titled “Christ is Born”. Reminding us of the true essence of Christmas which is Jesus-The Centre of it all. Now she is back with yet another Spirit lifting Single titled: Breaking Limits! No holding us back. Every limitation is broken and No harm will come near our dwelling as we are breaking limits on all sides!

She, is one of the few Gospel Artists whose Music Originality is solely built on the word of God. Kome, believes just like the bible says in John 4:24, “God is Spirit and those who worship Him MUST worship Him in Spirit and in truth”. The truth is the word of God, so the most empowering form of Praise and Worship is when people sing God’s word back to Him. This is what Kome’s Ministration is all about. It enables people to fellowship with their Creator like never before.

Kome’s firm belief is “God shapes us through life difficulties into who He wants us to be”. Hence, her Music helps people to find comfort in the Word of God when going through hardship.

Her purpose is to Inspire a New Generation of True Worshippers that worship God from the depths of their hearts in Spirit and in truth even in the face of their trials.

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